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Swell by Lizard Kisses with Sea Oleena, off Tiny Island Teeth (2011)

They’re voices are perfect. That’s all I have to say.

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    Swell by Lizard Kisses with Sea Oleena
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(To reblog a post click PERMALINK) A little bit about me: I'm an artist (as in drawing, not musical) who loves music and science About the Blog: This blog is a nonchalant approach to sharing and discussing music. Are five paragraphs of over-contrived analysis necessary to describe one song? No, and thus I try to avoid that. If you have any thought you wan heard, or any comment you have the urge to make, go ahead and message me, submit music, et cetera Also: The photo up top is mine (with thanks to for help with the editing) and the two people are and However, the brick background isn't mine, and I could not find the name of the person who took the picture (oh well, just know that it is not mine, I'm am not claiming it is my picture)