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Shelf by The Gradients (2014)

Heavily influenced by fellow New York band the Strokes, the Gradients are here with their single Shelf, a track laden with new age distress and anxiety so fervent amongst the current teenage generation.

Adderall Eyes by The New Tarot, off The New Tarot (EP) (2014)

The New Tarot are a relatively new band thumping out of the Brooklyn scene with their own brand of eccentric and apocalyptic pop.

Bluff by Babaganouj (2014)

Low fidelity angst and heartache, Bluff by Babaganouj is a track for August days filled with ennui.

Maria Zoe Christo by The Christines (2014)

Classic shoegaze from Brooklyn, the Christines offer a sonic sound full of ringing guitars, lackadaisical vocals, and droning ambiance. 

Girls Night by Loser Cruiser (2014)

Out of Brooklyn, Loser Cruiser is a newer band offering jangling, upbeat surf rock with their recent single Girls Night, a track perfect for your lazy summer day playlists.

Wild Life by We’re No Heroes (Single, 2014)

We’re No Heroes are a newer band out of Cardiff, whose sound is upbeat, catchy, and fresh. Having recently supported British band Peace, We’re No Heroes are definitely a band to watch. In the meantime, you can dance along to their latest single Wild Life.

Fake French by Little Racer, off Modern Accent (2014)

A modern take on 80s new wave, Fake French by Little Racer sounds like a memory you can dance along to.

Rory Shield by Sorority Noise, off Forgettable (2014)

Sorority Noise are gritty pop punk from the Hartford underground, a band whose lyrics drip emotions so potent you can taste them on you tongue.

The Psychic Box by The Grottos (2014)

The Grottos are low-fidelity, California-branded garage rock fuzz band, a recent addition to the California scene and hopefully your summer playlist.

Dangerous Days by Zola Jesus (Single, 2014)

Zola Jesus has returned with a new single, Dangerous Days, the first single from her upcoming release Taiga.  With Dangerous Days she ventures a bit more into electro pop than she has with her older music, an interesting move for Zola Jesus. Nonetheless, Dangerous Days is a solid single. 

Go ft. Blood Diamonds by Grimes (2014)

Initially meant as a single for Rihanna but subsequently rejected, Grimes’s new track Go is certainly a great single I think Rihanna missed out on. I can imagine this song will soon be added to everyone’s summer playlists.

It’s also available for free download!

Fever Dreams by Hollow & Akimbo, off Pseudoscience EP (2013)

I came across this track when I miss-typed the name of a song on Soundcloud, but nevertheless I was very pleased with my find.

Hollow & Akimbo are a fresh take on psychedelic among it’s recent modern resurgence, a band whose tracks you should consider adding to your own playlists.

She, Untamed by Mode Moderne, off Occult Delight (2014) 

Recalling 80’s post punk and new wave with licks of vocals comparable to Ian Curtis himself, Mode Moderne are a Vancouver band whose music is worth listening to. Their tracks are good, adding their own modern pop twists to a genre now thirty-something years old.

Rescue, Mister (Physical Therapy Mix) by TRUST (2014)

Exploring TRUST’s soundcloud page I found this remix of their song Rescue, Mister and I had to share because the beat to this mix is infectious.

Beatings by Coves (2013)

This track popped up on my facebook feed and I liked it a lot so I thought I’d share.

Coves is another rising talented band, offering  deep, colorful shoegaze in a dimension of its own.

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