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Smokestacks by L A Y L A (Single, 2014)

I think it’s safe to say we’ll be hearing a lot of L A Y L A soon, as her new song Smokestacks has all of the elements which provide for a mainstream breakthrough 

Courtesy of Dazed and Confused Magazine, you can stream Oceaán's fantastic debut EP, if you haven't already. With its smooth vibes and variegated rhtyms, you'll definitely see this EP resurface in my Best of 2014 compiltive post at the end of the year.

James Blake has a new contender from Manchester and his name is Oliver Cean.

Breathe by IYES (2014)

IYES dropped a new single today, what do you think? However, with this track, I think they successfully can break themselves away from XX comparisons.

Our Ego by Patterns off Waking Lines (2014)

From out of Manchester comes Patterns with their mesmeric track Our Ego, a song which floods your ears with lavish soundscapes and pulls you away from the world and into the depths of the song.

Easy by M o t h e r (2014)

Suddenly leaping out of the Brooklyn scene is M o t h e r, a band with only one track to their name which has accrued 94K+ listens on their soundcloud in the two weeks of its release. It’s not difficult to understand why Easy has so many plays- the track is catchy and enticing, leaving me, and many others interested in hearing more.

Turned Away by Oceaán (2014)

Oceaán dropped another new track today, which will be on their highly anticipated debut EP that is set for release next month via Chess Club Records. Let the countdown begin 

There is Nowhere by Blackbird Blackbird (Single, 2014)

Blackbird Blackbird dropped there new smooth, melancholic single in the form of  music video, a song which seems to be about heart break and abandonment as Mikey Maramag turns “There is no where I’d rather be” and “I’ve given up everything” into somewhat of a somber mantra. Either way, the track and supporting music video are both great.

Old Robot by JamesSupercave (2014)

Another quirky track by JamesSupercave that shouldn’t be missed

The Right Thing by JamesSupercave (2014)

Explosive, avant-garde pop is JamesSupercave, but even I’m not sure if that’s how I can label their music. Listen to this track all the way through, it certainly is an experience.

Majical Cloudz has released an new, interactive music video for their track album-less track Love Soul, directed by Mitch Moore. 

The interactive video is composed of various looped film clips/GIFs, which you can click through as the sullen song plays on, each click calling forth a different clip, structured in such a manner that you feel as if you’re in a hazy dream, flipping through a stack of photographs that happen to be film clips.

The mp3 for Love Soul and subsequent gifsets of the video can be downloaded for free here:

Bent Nail by Nothing, Guilty of Everything (to be released in a couple weeks)

Local ruckus-makers Nothing are set for their next release in two weeks, entitled Guilty of Everything. In the meantime, check out this track of loud hazy guitars and general shoegazing vibes.

Goes Black by Big Ups from Eighteen Hours of Static, 2014

Is 2014 going to be the year punk starts to reappear? New York band Big Ups may have convinced me this could be happening

Honey Priest by Álauda (2014)

Álauda imparts swirling exotic sounds in which you can lose yourself, close your eyes and move to the smooth rhythm. 

To Lose by Oceaán (2014)

James Blake fans will enjoy this new track, as Oceaán offers a similar alternative R&B/chilled minimalist style. Their debut EP will be released via Chess Club Records at the end of March, and until then enjoy To Lose.

Your Ghost by Violet Hours (2013)

With their latest single, Violet Hours grows more intimate and subsequently melancholic, mustering feelings of longing we have all felt at some point

Free Download Here:

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